The ancient 120-year old bathing ritual to relax and regain balance. The program of almost two hours that merges the habits and pleasures of two ancient European cultures.

The ancient Romans, who swore by the relaxation in thermal water and dry air baths, and the ancient Irish who favoured humid air baths. Yet both had the same goal: to achieve perfect relaxation of body and mind.


Accross 12 different stations of this route, your body temperature is slowly increased, then cooled, cleaned and purified. The treatment also includes an massage with a soaped peeling glove and a relaxation phase where you are wrapped in warm and hot towels. The treatment:

  1. Tiepidarium temp. 40°C around 10 minutes
  2. Turkish bath temp. 42°C around 10 minutes
  3. Wash with a body scrub (peeling) duration 5 minutes
  4. Finnish shower, around 5 minutes
  5. Refreshing waterfall for around 5 minutes
  6. Relax in thermal water on Jacuzzi loungers
  7. Finnish sauna temp. 70 °C around Cool bath for a few minutes
  8. Refreshing shower around 5 minutes
  9. Turkish bath temp. 42°C around 10 minutes
  10. Tropical emotional shower
  11. Refreshing shower “Cold Fog”
  12. Final relax on the sun loungers with hot towels and herbal tea
DURATION: about 2 hours
PRICE: € 30,00 per person