The mud used in our spas is no ordinary mud: it is a combination of clay extracted under controlled conditions from the bottom of two thermal lakes situated in the Euganei hills, and the enhancing and activating action of the thermal water. This purified and treated clay is left to rest in special tanks to mature. This process promotes a gradual growth of numerous micro algae and cyanobacteria that have high anti-inflammatory effect – scientifically tested, unique in the world, characterized by the absence of side effects.


  1. APPLICATION OF MUD – You will be escorted to a quiet, peaceful and private room where the staff will apply a layer of mud at the right temperature. It is a rather unique sensation and is really worth trying! A pleasant feeling of warmth, like a warm and enveloping embrace, in fact, thanks to its particular characteristics, the mud maintains the quality of a cosmetic dough even when diluted by a high amount of water. Gradually, as the unique properties of the mud act on your skin (not only thermal properties but also the release of the main active agents) you can lay back, relax and enjoy the thrill of pure SPA emptions.
  2. SPA SHOWER – After about 15 minutes you will enjoy a nice shower from the hot thermal spring that will wash away all the mud and the toxins it has absorbed. Now you are ready for next phase of treatment.
  3. OZONIZED SPA BATH – A dive of about 10 minutes in the rich thermal waters which, besides
    their therapeutic health effect, will also make your skin even more smooth and silky.
  4. RELAXATION AND MASSAGE – After the treatment you will be taken back to your room where, after a period of health-promoting sweating and relaxation, you will receive a relaxing massage to invigorate your muscles and give you a deep
    sense of well-being.


  • Mud treatment + thermal bath € 28,00
  • Mud treatment without thermal bath Mud treatment without thermal bath € 20,00
  • Charge for ozone (in the thermal bath) € 4,50
  • Thermal bath without ozone € 12,00
  • Inhalation or aerosol or nasal irrigation with thermal water € 8,50